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The current version is 0.99fruitbat.
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These resources will give you an overview of the system, guide you through the installation process and help you make the most of Gale once you have it running.
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See the status of Gale development, check out the plans for future versions, and use mailing lists to receive update announcements and communicate with other Gale users.
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Like any other community (online or off), the community of Gale users has conventions and guidelines.
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Third Party Software

Fugu and vtFugu are portable Gale clients written in Python. Fugu offers a sophisticated graphical interface and runs under Unix and Microsoft Windows. vtFugu offers a fullscreen interface similar to Fugu's that runs in a terminal.
(From the web page) Ginsu is designed to be powerful and above all stable, as well as having a quick learning curve. If you are comortable with 'vi' you should find it particularly easy.
Yammer is a web-based gale client. It was written by and is maintained by John Reese.

Old and Unmaintained Software

Praya is a portable client written in Java by Wesley Tanaka that integrates Gale with several other protocols. It does not work with the current gale server infrastructure and is not actively maintained.